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Who should sign up for Pilates?

Accident Victims
New moms
People with neck or back pain

Learn more demanding abdominal manouvers

Stott Rehab Reformer Email the front desk to inquire about times: Pilates
What is Pilates?
Pilates is a form of body conditioning in which one uses the body combined with the mental effort to accomplish simple yet demanding movements aimed to challenge and strengthen the core (abdominal) muscles as well as gain mobility and stability of the spine.

Find your inner strength with pilates
What does Pilates do for you?
Pilates helps to flatten your tummy, strenghten your abdominal muscles, increase your flexibility of your limbs and spine and helps to decrease tension build up caused by stresses of daily living.

Who is my Instructor?

Dr. Julie Kruis is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor with training in Mat, Ball and Reformer, exercies. She is also trained in Injury & Special Populations. She has been trained in Pilates through the STOTT School of Pilates.

STOTT focuses on pilates with a rehabilitation approach insuring instructors are trained to adapt exercises for each individual whether the student is a highly trained athlete or a recuperating accident victim.
What are My Choices If I Want to Learn Pilates?
You may take classes or take a private or semi-private lesson, based on your current experience with pilates. Classes are limited to four (4) people so that the instructor is able to give individual attention.
Groups work with either mat or ball exercises. Private session clients also have the option of reformer training to further enhance their pilates experience. Group sessions start in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Private instruction can start at any time of the year. Call the clinic at 905-682-0999 for details and times.

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