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Healthy Body Chiropractic and Brock Chiropractic are proud to now provide digital video analysis for our athletes and golfers to further enhance their sport performance. It is designed to be a motion "X-ray" for the muscles. It allows our chiropractors and massage therapists to see exactly what your muscles, tendons and ligaments are doing to propel your body through a run or a swing.

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Welcome to Digital Video Analysis
Digital Video Analysis is a two step process whereby anyone with or without injury can have their biomechanics evaluated. The athletes are digitally video taped to determine areas of function and dysfunction, within their musculoskeletal system. The footage is reviewed with the patient. Recommendations are made toward improving biomechanics (either through chiropractic, ART, massage, physio, gaitscan, exercise or pilates), and then a post treatment film is shot to document the differences.

Below is a quicktime movie demonstrating proper spinal rotation in a long distance runner/triathlete after treatment with chiropractic and ART.

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TOG Gaitscan System
The TOG gaitscan is a computerized system that uses a forceplate with 4096 sensors, taking 125 scans per second to make a digital map of your foot during standing, walking and running. This ground breaking technology helps professional atheletes better understand their biomechanics during activity. With this information we can help you determine whether you are in the right shoe for your sport and in your activities of daily living. The TOG system can also determine whether you would be a candidate for orthotics, and ultimately if they would benefit your biomechanics and impact your performance.

Diabetics can also benefit from TOG gaitscan system. The information generated from the scans measures the distribution of force throughout the patients foot during each step, identifiyng gait abnormalities and high pressure areas at risk for ulcerations. Approximately 70% of all diabetic ulcers of the foot end with amputation in Canada. Therefore, it is imperative that all diabetic patients seek a computerized gait and pressure analysis test to determine if they are at risk for plantar ulcer formation. The TOG gaitscan data is used to produce a specialized custom orthotic that will help reduce peak pressure areas by distributing weight evenly thereby alleviating increased pressure points on the bottom of the foot where ulcers may form.

Computerized analysis of walking gait and running gait

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Both the digital video analysis and gaitscan can be completed at the clinic in the same visit. Patients have the option of just having one of the above services performed. Recommendations for gaitscan or digital video analysis will be made if indicated for performance increase. Call the clinic at 905-389-9522 to find out more.

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