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Dr. Julie Kruis Trochta B.Sc. H.K. D.C.
Dr. Julie Kruis Trochta graduated from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard Illinois (1999), and has been using active release techniques (as a fully credentialed provider) and chinese acupuncture with great success. Dr. Kruis has worked with triathletes at the Ironman in Kona Hawaii, professional Volley-ball players of the AVP tour in Chicago, and cyclists at the annual AIDS ride in Chicago. Dr. Kruis provides services to competitors in the HSBC and the Subaru Triathlon series. Together with her husband, Julie has provided services to elite cyclists at the 2003 Road World Championship in Hamilton

Dr. Oliver Trochta B.Sc. M.Sc. Clin Path D.C.
Dr. Oliver Trochta graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois (2001). Training under Dr. Hofmaier in Villa Park IL, Dr. Trochta has developed a unique approach to rehabilitation and nutritional management. He is also fully credentialed in Active Release Techniques and has been using them to treat runners at the Women's Fleet Feet and Elvis is Alive runs in Chicago. Dr. Trochta has also successfully treated runners competing in the Chicago Marathon. Dr. Trochta provides services to competitors in the HSBC and the Subaru Triathlon series. Together with his wife, Dr. Trochta has provided services at the 2003 Road World Championship in Hamilton.

Caitlin Pauls B.Sc. M.Sc.PT
Caitlin Pauls graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON in 2011. Through clinical experiences during her time at McMaster, Caitlin has worked with clients of all ages and abilities in both private clinics and rehabilitation hospitals around Ontario. She uses both exercises as well as hands on techniques to help clients recover from injury and promote healthy living. Caitlin has been active in the St. Catharines rowing community for 15 years both as an athlete and coach. She understands the importance of returning to and maintaining an active lifestyle even after injury.

Dana Bourque RMT
Dana Bourque graduated from Darcy Lane Inc. in London, Ontario and has been a practicing Regstered Massage Therapist in good standings with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as well as the Registered Massage Therapists Assoc. of Ontario for 7 years.her anatomical knowledge to the diverse needs of her growing practice. Dana takes pleasure in seeing a patient's steady progress towards optimal health and finds it is the most rewarding aspect and the reason why Dana loves doing what she does. Dana has specialized training in Sports Massage, Kinesio Taping, Deep Tissue Massage, Headaches, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Injuries, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy.

Todd Bennett RMT
Todd is a graduate of Everest College Upper Mountain Hamilton and has been a Registered Massage Therapist in good standings with both the CMTO and RMTAO since 2009. He has experience working in a variety of professional settings. He practices a wide range of massage therapy treatments such as Swedish massage, prenatal massage, infant massage, sports massage and hydrotherapy. Todd believes that no two people are alike; therefore all his treatments are based upon the unique individual from their lifestyle to their body type. Based on this philosophy, each client is provided a personal treatment plan aimed at achieving their goals. In order to provide this level of care, Todd continues to expand his knowledge through continuing education courses and collaboration with his peers. Todd has a passion for sports. This is one reason why he volunteers his time at Brock University working with the Athletic Therapy Team where he is exposed to a variety of sports injuries. He has attained a black belt in Jiujitsu and aids in training young children to defend themselves from bullying and larger attackers. As well he has had a great opportunity to travel with our Canadian National Wrestling Team as part of their Medical staff and has done Medical field coverage for Rugby, Soccer, Lacrosse and Swimming for Brock University.

Tammy Barrett
Tammy, medical office administrator, offers courteous front desk service. She maintains high professional standards and continues behind the scenes to maintain operations.

The Office
Our office is designed to bring the patient the utmost convenience in acute and wellness care. We hope to make every appointment an invigorating and educational experience.

The Services
We are pleased to provide Active Release Techniques and Acupuncture, in addition to standard chiropractic healthcare, registered massage therapy and active rehabilitation services. Our focus is also on health promotion through regular wellness care visits. These services are geared toward the renewed concern of the public about environmental agents and procedures that may shorten our life spans. Learn more about ways to protect you and your family.

Mission Statement
The goal of Brock Chiropractic is to deliver the highest quality chiropractic health care and health promotion to the surrounding Niagara area. It is our every intention to provide efficient and timely services to our patients and foster a compassionate relationship.
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